Beautiful and healthy smile is everyone's dream and YES! there is a secret recipe for it but there is no need to worry for the ingredients as they  are  available in your fridge or at your  kitchen counter. Oral health reflects what you consume daily  so to have  good teeth and gums we need to eat good food too.

Here is the list of superfoods which can help to improve your health of the mouth-

1. Cheese

We all know that cheese is rich in calcium but few people know that it contains phosphate also which helps to neutralise the pH level of mouth. Balancing the pH level of mouth is very important to prevent the cavity formation or gum disease .

TIP: Whenever we eat something, acid is produced in our mouth which  takes around 30 minutes to neutralise. Finishing the meal with cheese can actually help to get the pH back quickly so acid attack /exposure on teeth can be reduced.

2. Shiitake Mushroom

Mushroom is loaded with antioxidant properties and adding mushrooms in your diet can actually help in reduction of those fine lines or wrinkles around your mouth which decreases the value of your beautiful smile.But mushroom has one more hidden benefit of containing  a polysaccharide called lentinan. Lentinan is known for its amazing healing property and antibacterial property which also helps in preventing the growth of bacteria in the mouth.

TIP: Eat mushroom as grill, sandwiches, stir fry or salad. Too much cooking can deteriorate the contents.

3. Green Tea

Green tea has innumerable health benefits and there is no surprise that it also has benefit for oral health.Green tea contains Catechins which fights off the bacteria present in the mouth to cause gum disease or dental decay.

TIP: Starting off the day with green tea could be more beneficial.

4. Apples

An apple a day keeps your dentist, away! OF COURSE, an apple can actually hide away the bacteria causing the gum disease. Apple is high in fibre and water content and grazing over an apple can stimulate the gums and produces more saliva which has cleansing action.But apple should be eaten in moderate amount as it also contains sugar and acid which can erode your teeth.

TIP: eat apple full stomach or after any meal due to its acid content.

5. Spinach

High in folic acid and Vit b content, it helps to keep your tongue healthy. Less of iron and Vit B can lead to mouth ulcers or gum bleeding. Consuming green leafy vegetables are very helpful to increase the level of iron in your body

TIP: Use RAW spinach and try to add to your salad or soups.

6. Onions

Though visiting a dentist immediately after consuming onion can be torture for them due to its presence in your breath, but onions most certainly are the superfood for your teeth.chewing on raw onion can alleviate tooth pain (though it's not research proved) as well as it has a great way to fight with bacteria present in the mouth. 

TIP: To get rid of onion breath, you can consume mint tea or chew few mint leaves.

7. Water

Last but not the least "WATER." Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water is absolutely a good practice for maintaining a good body. But it has no lesser effects on your oral health too. It also helps the formation of saliva which has natural cleansing property for our mouth. Apart from more salivation, water itself work as a cleaner for teeth and keep teeth hydrated and wet. Anaerobic bacteria which like dry environment will accumulate more on teeth in dry condition and further loss/decay of teeth would we unavoidable.

TIP: If it's hard for you to drink water full glass at one go, then slowly sipping is also advisable.

Above mentioned food are good for your teeth but regular brushing and routine check up is the key to having a healthy smile.