There are many reasons why people lose more than one tooth, such as illness, an accident or simply inheriting poor teeth. Each tooth plays a critical role in your oral health & this can have a serious impact on your quality of life. 

Unfortunately in India not many people realize it until they are in their 40's.

Below are the 7 problems that can result when a missing tooth is ignored.

1.You can’t chew well which can lead to digestive difficulty affecting your overall health; also you might have to avoid some of your favorite foods.

2.You can actually start to look old; once you start losing teeth, physical changes to the face are a frequent result. 

3.There is loss of self-esteem if the missing tooth’s space is visible when you talk or smile. 

4.The teeth on either side of the missing tooth will tilt & drift into the missing tooth’s space making them prone to decay & gum diseases.

5.Missing tooth changes the alignment causes changes in chewing patterns and resulting in tooth wear

6.During mastication; pressure is applied on jawbones and teeth which stimulate bone growth. A missing tooth causes the jawbone to shrink because the bone is no longer stimulated during chewing. Bone loss can result and cause further tooth and jaw problems.

7.Sometimes missing tooth might leave behind a unhealed wound where food particles might deposited and may resulting in bad breath.


You can have a fixed replacement made such as Implant, Bridge (crowns), a combination of Implants & Bridges or a Dental Implant Over-denture

You also have a choice of removable replacement a removable partial denture. Dentures cost less than a fixed replacement.