Following are the alarming signs that are mostly observed among people with suicidal tendencies:

1. Loss of interest or pleasure

The person, who used to feel good doing things of his interest like watching movie, going for a picnic or doing his work, may start avoiding them. He she may express lack of excitement. The smile may be absent and she /he may look dull.

2. Decreased social interaction

Usually such people confines themselves. They start talking less. Avoid going to a get together. Prefer to stay alone. If they go also, mostly they will remain passive in interaction.

3. Decreased sleep and appetite

The frequency and amount decreases from normal. Initiating sleep also becomes difficult. Early wake-ups are very common.

4. Always in a deep thought

The person remains zoned out most of the time as if he is thinking very deep.

5. Expressing as helpless and being not wanted

“I feel really worthless. Nothing is okay with me. Whatever I do turns out to be wrong”.

“I don’t know why I am born. At times I feel I must be dead”.

6. Disowning things

The person may show no interest in his valuable things. She/he may start giving it to others as a souvenir etc.

7. Expressing death wish

“I wish I die a peaceful death”.

 “I wish I sleep and do not get up tomorrow morning”.

 “oh how lucky is that man, he died so early, wish I was in his place”.