Everyday habits can harm your teeth. It's pretty much important to know them and stop right away. So, it helps in preserving your natural teeth. 

1. Tobacco: Any form of tobacco either chewable or smoking can impart stains on your teeth. Not only this but it also harms your oral soft tissues permanently.


2. Teeth grinding: Most of them have the habit of grinding their teeth at night during sleep and also when they are in an angry mood. This results in wearing away of enamel layer and exposes the dentin which causes hypersensitivity. 

Teeth grinding

3. Use of abrasive tooth powder: Using such tooth powders leads to depressions in the teeth that cause sensitivity and in severe cases leads to inner tooth pulp involvement because of the action of tiny abrasives present in the tooth powder.

Abrasive tooth powder

4. Using hard bristle toothbrush: Hard bristle toothbrush has the same damage as mentioned above and avoid brushing over 2 minutes. Maximum brushing time is just 2 minutes and not beyond that with gentle pressure. Using worn away bristles leads to improper teeth cleaning.

Hard bristle toothbrush

5. Smacking away bottle caps: Opening bottle caps, tearing away clothing tags, biting on walnut leads to enamel chip off. It damages the tooth structure. Especially the crowns lose the ceramic layer in people who have caps/crowns cemented over the tooth.

Opening the bottle cap with teeth

6. Thumb-sucking habit: Such habits leads to damage of the natural teeth alignment i.e protruding of front teeth. Even tongue-thrusting and mouth opening during deep sleep can lead to damage in normal teeth alignment.

Thumb Sucking

7. Sugary food/drinks: Avoid having sugary food and carbonated drinks that provide sugars in the oral cavity that attracts bacteria which softens the tooth causing decay. It basically demineralizes the tooth resulting in cavities.