1. Increase Fibre Content of Diet

Increase in the fibre content of diet is perhaps the single most effective method to achieve a healthy tummy. If you cannot do anything else mentioned in this article, just do this one thing and see the change ! Eat a lot of salads, green vegetables and fruits in diet. Try to add multiple grains in your daily flour, and try to eat washed and unpeeled fruits and salads. Fibre improves gut motility and helps in removing constipation. Also, fibre increases the bulk of food consumed and thus helps in cutting out the obesity inducing carbs and fats.

2. Probiotics

The TV channels are full of adverts showing Probiotic cans dancing and people living really healthy lives after they consume them...!! Well , you really do not need those 'branded' probiotics to remain healthy. The time-tested Curd and Yogurt would do equally well. Also you can go for Buttermilk if you are so inclined. Probiotics help in myriad ways to keep your gut healthy. They decrease the population of pathogenic organisms in our gut and also are important as a source of few important vitamins ( such as Vit B12).

3. Decrease intake of sugars

Excessive sugar intake is obviously unhealthy. However, reducing the content of refined sugar to really level is what is healthy. Sugars in diet lead not only to various cardiac and metabolic issues, but it also leads to increased flatulence and feeling of bloating stomach. Preferably reduce sugar and try jaggery instead.

4. Decrease intake of saturated fats

By decreasing the fat content of diet, the stomach emptying time also decreases leading to better gut motility and decreased flatulence. This also reduces the possibility of reflux of gastric contents.

5. Decreased spices in diet

Decreasing the spices in diet leads to decreased exacerbations of gastritis and acidity related issues.

6. Increasing the daily water intake

Try to increase your daily water intake. This again will improve bowel motility and reduce constipation. 

7. Regular exercise

Maintaining a regular exercise regimen and  proper meal times goes a long way for healthy stomach and body...