Metabolism changes with age , eat accordingly. A baby is different from a teenager who is different from a middle aged healthy adult who is different from a senior citizen at 60 +++

We are talking about Healthy adults only.

  • Drink a glass of water on waking up & not tea/coffee. Wait for half an hour to 40 minutes before taking morning cup of tea but no snacks 
  • Do not let acid collect in the stomach. Acid and bile are produced by liver and they are stored in gall bladder to be released toward stomach as an when food arrives here and stays for 4 hours while churning process of food is going on with the help of acid and bile , to make food soft and digestible.

When there is no food in stomach, during fasting, acid starts eating on the inner walls of stomach leading to symptoms of acidity. 

Or if one has feasted, more acid is generated to meet the high demand, leading to bloating and symptoms of acidity.

Avoid Both, fasting or feasting but it is not possible. Fasting purifies the soul and feasting connects us to people-humans beings are social animals.

  • Drink some warm fluids every 2 hours or so. Take warm water with a spoon of honey , clear soups, green tea ,warm or steaming hot beverage with low fats, so that the acid gets diluted and keeps moving further. This rule is applicable during fasting also or to people who are diet conscious and are cutting down calories.
  • Must Eat some healthy fats despite Dieting or being a Cardiac patient. One katori of Assorted Nuts plus a spoon of pure ghee or pure butter. Nuts do give us proteins along with good fats.
  • Vegetables and fruits- Give us natural Vitamins and Minerals. Remember the rule of 5. Eat at least fruits and vegetables of 5 colors & of seasonal variety. But Eat according to constitution.
  • Know your constitution and Do Not Compare with others. Sprouts and cabbage may suit one person of same age and of same constitution but can be detrimental for other with same Physique.
  • Eat a High protein diet, with some simple to digest proteins like curds, milk, chhachh, cottage cheese (paneer), nuts, soy products.

Too much emphasis is on Daal as a source of protein but if prices are going North, spend on other forms of simple proteins.

  • Stay Away from PPI type of digestive products available easily over the counter. Do Not Eat Ranitidine type of medicines as a routine because if long term side effects.

Take saunf, jeera, heeng, ajwain, chia seeds, ginger, garlic, haldi to improve digestion. These products are in our kitchens. If not there, go and buy them now.

Must do Deworming Twice a year.