As our skin ages, wrinkles seem to be unavoidable. Sometimes these fine lines appear pre-maturely, making you look more than you actually do. However, there are ways through which you may reduce your wrinkles effectively.

Here are 7 very effective ways to reduce your wrinkles beyond visibility

Avoid direct sunshine – Sun is the greatest enemy of your skin. It has been proven that too much exposure to sun causes wrinkles. Continuous sunbath may also cause skin cancer. Whenever you step out in the sun, have optimum protection against sun. Put on sunscreen that suits your skin type, carry an umbrella or hat and don’t forget to put on a pair of shades; your sunglasses.

Get Rid Of Addictions – Smoking, Drugs or any other negative addiction not only take their toll on your health but also makes you look aged. These addictions make your skin have wrinkles. So if you want to get rid of wrinkles, get rid of addictions too. 

Have Enough Sleep, preferably on your back – A good night’s sleep does lots of good to your health, including your skin. 8 hours of sleep can gift you soft and younger looking skin. However, do not sleep on your sides or on your belly. Ill-positioned sleep can cause sleep lines and furrowed brows which can turn into wrinkles.

Don’t Squint- If you have weak eyesight, it’s better to go for glasses. Don’t squint your eyes. This will not only pressurize your sight but also develop crow’s feet at the sides of your eyes.

Eat healthy – Have a platter full of healthy edibles containing fatty acids like omega 3. Add lots of fruits and vegetables along with fish and soy to your diet. Take a lot of fluids including water, fruit juices to keep your skin moisturized from within.

Don’t Over-wash your face – It is good to remove makeup before you sleep at night, but you must also need to ensure that you do not wash off the natural moisture of your face. Excessive washing, scrubbing can steal the natural moisture of your face leaving it dry and wrinkled.

Using chemical based products – Know your skin care regime from an expert and always revert from using chemical based creams and facial products. Using products without the solicitation of your skin expert can make your skin dry and rough and in due course cause wrinkles.To know more about skin care and skin treatment, ask an expert and abide by the expert suggestions to have soft, supple and youthful skin for long.