1.  Brush twice in a day- Brushing should be done two times in a day, in the morning and at night before retiring to bed. Of the four human reservoirs, the mouth is the most diverse with over 700 micro-organisms of different phenotypes or sub-strains co-existing in harmony,although surrounded by a stressful environment of changing pH,oxygen tension and nutrients.So it becomes essential to take good oral care with the easiest tool available that is the brush.

2. Floss the Moss - Toothbrushes even after being used correctly remove only 50% of the total plaque formed. The plaque which forms between the teeth and along the gum line is not accessible to the toothbrush and thus remains untouched.To clean these areas, we need to floss. But flossing should be done gently,by sliding the floss along the sides of the teeth without injuring the gums.

3. Clean your Tongue- More than 60% of bacteria in the oral cavity are found on the tongue, forming a dangerous reservoir for bacterial diseases at the teeth and gums as well as root cause for halitosis i.e. bad breath.So cleansing of the tongue is the most important part of total oral care.

4. Eat a balanced diet- Must include fresh fruits and vegetables rather than relying on canned juices and other short cuts for instant energy. Chewing on the raw fruits and vegetables like apple, carrot and oranges not only provides nutrition but also increases salivation which in turn ensues a self-cleansing process.

5. Don't smoke or use tobacco- Smoking and chewing tobacco not only causes staining of your pearly whites but also a reason for oral cancer.

6. Limit your tea and coffee intake- Caffeine in tea and coffee cause staining of your teeth.So limit the frequency of its intake and also swish your mouth with warm water after you take tea and coffee.

7. Visit your dentist at least twice a year- Visit your dentist after every six months for a professional cleaning and examination.