Obesity is something everybody is suffering from, not only it is a dreaded disease itself; it also put you at the risk of other life threatening diseases. Everybody knows that by regulating your diet, exercising and good sleep, you can control your weight to some extent, but do you know there are also some tips following which you can really make a huge difference to your body weight and lose some serious pounds. What are those tips? Let’s find out.

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Limiting the calories

Foods like cabbage and celery are best for weight loss. Weather you make a salad of it, or make a dish out of it, these multi utility vegetables helps you lose weight more efficiently. These have very less amount of calories and high quantity of fiber, which makes them a good remedy for weight loss.

Prevent over eating

Taking tomato soup before the meal fills your stomach and reduces the hunger, so that you do not over eat and take less calories, which helps in reducing weight.

Lemon water

Drinking lemon water with 1 tsp of honey first thing in the morning has been proved to help in reducing the weight.

Green tea

Green tea has many health benefits; it helps in reducing weight efficiently. It burns out the excess fat by increasing the metabolism. Drink green tea twice a day to get the optimal results.


Oats decrease the bad cholesterol level and helps in reducing weight. It has high fiber level which keeps the digestive system healthy. Oat meal is the best breakfast you can have when you are trying to lose weight.

Eat healthy snacks

Often it happens, people seems to be doing fine with their dieting but when it comes to evening snack , they forget all and crash their diet with fried food. Replace your ordinary snacks with salads, these are low calorie, high fiber and with high water content.

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