Whether you have skin sensitivity or not but there are always some chances of skin allergy or reaction. This may be a result of cosmetics, harmful bacteria or other daily items. According to us, 50% of women worldwide have skin sensitivity problem.

Following are the tips suggested to heal your skin sensitivity:

  1. Itchy skin: If you are suffering from itching, it is due to dryness. The small-small cracks on the skin may cause skin dryness and allow irritants in. Skin experts recommended washing your skin only once a day with soap. To maintain the moisture level of skin you should use moisturizers or splash water instead of soap or cleanser.
  2. Stinging and Burning: It is due to the cosmetic products containing an excess amount of anti ageing compounds. The anti ageing product makes dull skin healthy and hides new cells under them. We strongly recommended sticking on same moisturizers or serums.
  3. Small Red Pimples: It is due to environmental changes or changes in stimuli. Direct sun exposure may break down the skin supporting structures. We recommend using correct sun protection cream on daily basis. If you are dealing with sunburn, try feverfew plant for healing. It is best known for its anti-inflammatory and temper sensitivity soothing properties.
  4. Scaly and Rough patches: This is due to Eczema problem. In eczema skin becomes scaly, patchy, flaky and extremely dry. Having dryness only doesn’t mean you are suffering from eczema but if your skin is extremely dry then it is more tend to become sensitive. Try to use good moisturizers even if your skin is moist.
  5. Eye Redness: You might blame your eye drops for this redness but sometimes it is due to skin cream or nail polish you are using. The skin around eyes is very delicate and thin. You should use fragrance-free and also chemical free creams and moisturizers.
  6. Small Red Bumps on skin:  This is due to the immune response of your skin. Because of some allergic response red bumps (different from pimples) appears on the skin. Prefer those products those have not contain fragrance, preservatives and also other known allergens.