A couple looking for pregnancy visits a gynaecologist. Here are the pointers to prepare them about what they may expect during this visit.

1. History

  • Medical history- couple will be asked about the any existing or past illnesses . If they are on any regular medication. Specific questions will be asked about presence of diabetes and epilepsy.
    Similar questions will be asked about the family and if there are any genetic disorders running in the family
  • Social history –With growing urbanisation, nuclear families are becoming a norm. There is loss of support in terms of someone taking care of you, whether it is cooking or doing house chores. Inquiry is also done about substance abuse, alcohol consumption and smoking.
  • Obstetrics (previous pregnancies ) history of woman is asked

2. Examination

  • A general medical examination is done.
  • A note of nutritional deficiencies is made 
3. Diet
Obesity as well as extreme underweight- both these clinical conditions are commonly encountered and may come in way of achieving pregnancy normally

4. Exercise
Exercising regularly is important to keep fit. At the same time you should not exhaust yourself. Augment heat dissipation by wearing light clothes and fluid replacement.

5. Investigations

A few routine and at times special tests are done-
  • HIV-to rule out infection
  • HbsAg-to rule out infection
  • VDRL-to rule out infection
  • HCV- to rule out infection 
  • Hb Electrophoresis-to know about abnormal haemoglobin and Thalassemia
  • Chromosomal microarray analysis-in cases of previous pregnancy loss
  • Thyroid tests- T3, T4, TSH
  • Pap’s Smear

6. Vaccines

A few vaccines are recommended

  • Influenza vaccine
  • Rubella- a blood investigation will tell if the woman is susceptible.Those who are yet unimmunized, vaccination is done
  • Tetanus
  • Varicella- Chicken pox- if not contracted previously, vaccine is given