Homeopathy is a widely accepted alternative system of medicine which was discovered in the late 18th century. Homeopathy believes in the philosophy that the mind, emotions and the body are integrated together. On the basis of this philosophy, a homeopath provides remedies which can suit best to the physical and psychological conditions of a patient. Homeopathic remedies are certainly not very high dose. Its main purpose is to recognize and discard the cause behind the condition.People hold many misconceptions about homeopathy. Following are some of the myths of homeopathy:

1. Homeopathic remedies work slowly:

Many people believe that homeopathic remedies cure your medical condition very slowly. Fact is that it works very fast on diseases like cold, fever, etc. When the symptoms are chronic then only working process is slow. This is because at chronic condition the body takes little time to cure from insides. It is advisable to start the homeopathic remedies as soon as any symptom is seen.

2. Remedies are prescribed by doctors with no formal training:

Many people believe that homeopathic remedies are prescribed simply on the basis of the visible symptoms and no diagnosis is done. Fact is that these remedies are prescribed by qualified medical professionals graduated from homeopathy medical colleges. They diagnose your medical condition before prescribing you any remedy.

3. Homeopathic remedies are not scientific:

Many people consider homeopathic remedies to be unscientific. However, the bases behind homeopathy are pharmacological and clinical data. Vast studies and researches have been conducted on homeopathic remedies and treatment.

 4. Strict dietary restriction is to be followed at the time of homeopathic treatment:

Many people believe that they have to control their eating habits while undergoing homeopathic treatment. Fact is that for some patients, diet is restricted due to problems they are suffering from. For homeopathy medicine, we just advise the patient to ensure that no taste or smell is there in mouth while consuming medicine. You need not follow any stringent restrictions for homeopathy. 

5. How do homeopathy medicine works?

Homeopathy works to strengthen our immune system, so that the balance of a healthy body can be maintained by the system itself. We do not give specific medicine for a disease or ailment, we just equip your immune system to deal with it itself. That is the reason one doesn't depend on these medicine for lifetime. Once the balance is restored, we withdraw medicine

6. Homeopaths give steroids to show improvement

This is absolutely not true. No steroids are given in homeopathy. All the medicines are potentised doses or tinctures. Many times the results are so prompt, which makes non believers think that it may be steroid. Homeopathy medicines, prescribed by a trained physician, are absolutely safe with no side effects