A movie about a pump operator’s son who goes on to become the captain of the Indian cricket team has to be inspiring and ‘MS Dhoni: The Untold Story’ proves that. Whether you like cricket or not; this movie has quite a few lessons to take home.

1. Parents aren’t always right

For a pump operator, a job with the railways was a great achievement, but for Dhoni, it wasn’t enough. Imagine if he hadn’t followed his heart and had stuck to merely collecting tickets. Your parents always have your best interests at heart, but only you know what you really want to do. So, if you’re prepared to work hard, take a risk and follow your dreams. 

2. Never stop learning

Though Dhoni was an aggressive batsman from the beginning, he never stopped learning. His trademark helicopter shot was actually one he learnt from a fellow batsman. Don’t let your ego convince you that you have nothing more left to learn. At every stage of life, there’s always someone who knows a little more. 

3. Accept failure

Though he was the best cricketer in school, when Dhoni didn’t make the Under 19 team, he threw a party. Why? He realised he would have to work even harder to achieve his goal and being depressed wouldn’t help anyone. When something doesn’t work out your way, don’t let it get you down. Instead, understand what went wrong and learn from it. 

4. Work hard

Nothing good comes easy. Dhoni knew that and never shied away from a practise sessions even after a full day’s work. Even as a child, he finished his exams early so that he could practise with his club. Balance practicalities with passion and put your heart and soul into making your dreams come true.

5. Get out of your comfort zone

Dhoni could have settled for a government job if he wanted a comfortable life. After all, it paid well and he had job security for life. However, he took a risk and decided to follow his passion. If you really want to achieve something extraordinary, don’t get trapped by your comfort zone. 

6. Have a hobby

Though cricket was Dhoni’s passion, he didn’t let it take over his life. When his professional life troubled him, Dhoni retreated into his garage to work on his bike or just took one out for a spin. This is Dhoni’s way on unwinding. 

What’s your way of unwinding?