There are wide varieties of healthy lifestyle foods to fight infection, boost energy and maintain healthy heart plus many more. Including such foods in regular diet combined with exercise may add years to your life span. So, stock up your kitchen with healthy foods and add them in your diet for rich nutrients such as antioxidants, fiber etc. that delivers more than just the taste. The following is the list of healthy lifestyle foods that must be included in your daily diet to boost your overall health and well-being:

Garlic: It has antibacterial, anti fungal and antiviral properties. Garlic also works within the body’s vital systems, such as the circulatory, digestive, and immunological, to promote detoxification, cleansing, lowering blood pressure, strengthening the immune system and healing. All in all, garlic helps promote good health.

Oats: Nothing starts the day off better than a big bowl of warm oatmeal. Oats has many benefits, particularly for the heart, that makes it a smart choice among healthy lifestyle foods. Oatmeal contains a special strand of fiber called beta-glucan which reduces levels of bad cholesterol and protect your heart. Oats also boost the immune system. Because oatmeal is rich in fiber, eating it in the morning will help stabilize your blood sugar.

Beans: The unique combination of fibers, carbohydrates and vital nutrients make beans a premium source of nutrition and healthy lifestyle foods. Beans are high in soluble fiber that helps reduce cholesterol. The lean protein in beans helps maintain and promote muscle while complex carbohydrates provide a sustained energy source. Beans are naturally low in fat which is helpful in weight loss.

Yogurt: It has power-boosting protein and bone-building calcium. Yogurt is a great source of bone-building calcium, but its real strength lies in live beneficial bacteria, known as pro-biotic, that keeps down the growth of harmful bacteria in your gut. Eating yogurt could help with inflammatory bowel diseases, ulcers, and urinary tract infections, which makes it popular among various healthy lifestyle foods.

Olive Oil: Include two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil in your diet each day. Olive oil is beneficial to your health and well being. Olive oil helps lower levels of blood cholesterol leading to heart disease and blood pressure. Olive oil is also packed with antioxidants called phenols, which may protect artery walls from cholesterol build-up.

Sprouts: They have always been very popular as healthy lifestyle foods. Sprouts are excellent sources of protein and contain a wide range of different nutrients that can help maintain good health. Beside the nutrients, they are also abundant in enzymes, which can keep our bodies remain healthy and fit. Another thing you will love about sprouts is how easy it is to digest this healthy food. Sprouts also contain an abundance of highly active antioxidants that prevent DNA destruction and protect us from the ongoing effects of aging.