Here are few easy and effective REMEDIES that will help in relieving the leg muscle pain and cramps as well as in preventing them.

1. Stretch the cramped muscle: Muscle cramps are sudden and unexpected contractions or spasms of a muscle. To stop the cramp quickly, the cramped muscle needs to be stretched. By stretching the muscle, you are preventing it from remaining in the contracted or cramped position. Stretching a cramped muscle works best if you can hold the stretched position for about a minute or 30 seconds, or until the cramp feels better. You may need to repeat the stretched position if you feel the cramp returning. 2-3 repetitions is a must.

Below are the ways you can stretch them for immediate relief and preventing further pain.

a. Calf stretch: Face a wall, stand a short distance away, and lean against the wall using your hands for support. Keep your cramped leg straight, and the foot and heel on the floor, as you lean your upper body into the wall.

b.  Hamstring stretch 

Hamstring stretch

c. Towel stretch 

Towel stretch

d. Quadriceps stretch

2. Walk on your heels: This will activate the muscles opposite your calf, allowing it to relax.

3. Ice application: Some people report benefits from applications of ice to a cramped muscle. Determine what works best for you. Avoid placing the ice directly on the skin. Fill a small to a medium-sized baggie with ice, and add enough water to barely cover the ice. Squeeze the air out, seal it well, then wrap the baggie with a damp towel, and apply it to the area. Another quick option is to use a bag of frozen veggies, like peas or corn. Wrap the package in a damp towel and apply it to the area.

4. Heat application: Using methods to apply warmth to the area can help the muscle to relax and soothe the pain from the cramp. Methods used to apply heat include using a warm towel, a heating pad, or taking a warm bath or shower. Most people feel relief when warmth is applied to a cramped muscle, plus it improves circulation. Adding epsom salt to the water relieves muscle pain and cramps.

5. Massage: Rubbing the affected muscle may help it relax. Use one or both hands to gently knead and loosen the muscle.

6. Proper fluid intake: Make sure you include fruits and vegetable juices in sihori and iftar. Special keeping your minerals; Potassium and Calcium levels adequate and your liquid intake. properly spaced will help you to curb the muscle pains and cramps.