Night discharge also known as nocturnal emission or wet dream can be described as a discharge or irregular flow of semen without entering into sexual activity with a partner. Such type of problem is commonly found in male aging between 15 to 30 years. When one reaches the age of puberty, such type of problems are common to see and is nowhere related to any Physiological problem. If your teen boy or you are in your young adult age is suffering from this problem then don’t hesitate to meet your doctor for advice and Night Discharge treatment. There are a few myths about night discharge which you must be aware of.

Night discharge reduces sperm count:  Many are having the misconception that wet dreams are a reason for sperm reduction. It’s wrong as it supports in clear in gold sperm to maintain healthy sperm in the body.

Reduce the immunity power of the body: There is a prevailing belief that wet dreams reduce the immunity power of the male from infection, cold and cough. There are no basic facts available to support this fact. Rather it supports in making healthy production of sperms.

Night discharge is possible in puberty age: This is an absolute wrong myth although same is visible in large number in teens at puberty age. Adults can also face the same because of hormonal changes in the body.

It’s a sign of serious medical condition: It’s absolute nonsense to believe that it indicates medical problems. Night discharge is a sign of having healthy and perfect functioning of the male sexual system.

Penis size reduces due to night-discharge: A weird myth about night discharge is that it reduces the size of the penis. No evidence in medical science is available to prove this fact. It is not a disease which can cause a disturbance in penis size.

If you are looking for Night Discharge treatment or management feel free to talk to your sexologist for the best guidance.