• The intake of dietary fiber should be increased by eating whole grains and increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables.
  • Water holding capacity of fiber is more important -coarse bran has a capacity of 6g water /g of fiber, but fine bran holds only 2-3 g water /g .patients should be encouraged to take coarse bran as breakfast cereals .oats porridge, veg poha, veg brown bread sandwich, etc.
  • A fluid intake of 10 glasses a day is useful in keeping the intestinal contents in a semisolid state for easier passage along the tract .2 gasses of lukewarm lemon water are helpful in initiating peristalsis when taken before breakfast.
  • Fruits and vegetables whose fiber holds water effectively are oranges, apples, carrots, and  the cabbage family
  • Diet should contain vegetables as raw form and two such fruits each day with skin and seeds.
  • Fat containing foods such as castor oil or mineral oil are useful for stimulating the effect of the fatty acids on the mucous membrane.

    Flaxseed is effective in speeding up intestinal movement, resulting in an increased frequency of bowel movements. It is taken as a roasted form or powder form.