1. Start slowly: Many people rush back into their exercise programs at exactly the same level of intensity that they were at when they last exercised. We need to build up our level of intensity gradually.

2. Get good shoes: Don't make the mistake that many people make and get all motivated and reach into the cupboard for your shoes that you used 10 yrs ago. One of the first things we do as physios when a patient comes in with lower limb pain is to check and often change their footwear.

3. Stretching is important: It is important that we allocate equal time in our training programs to this important component of fitness and not just leave 2 mins at the end of a 40 min run to do a few guilt stretches.

4. See your health professional: Remember the longer an injury is present, the harder it is to fix. If you have a pain or problem get an assessment done immediately - also if you have not exercised for a while it is worth visiting your doctor and get a check-up before you get into your program.

5. Get your technique right in the gym: Probably the most common reason for injury in health and fitness programs is poor exercise technique - make sure you get good instruction on the correct technique for all of your exercises before you get serious and increase the weights. Speak to one of the physio and fitness gym trainers if you are at all concerned about how to do any of the exercises in your program.