So how do you resist the temptation? Well, here are a few tips to help you stay in shape even when you are on your holiday, whether it's for a day or for a month!

1. Take healthy bites:

Eating healthy is a priority on your holiday. Maximize the good (meat, fruits, vegetables, and nuts) and minimize the bad (junk food, processed grains and carbs, sugary beverages, etc). If you are traveling with family or friends, let them know that you are making a concerted effort to eat better.

2. Be the psychic:

Plan in advance. When en route to your destination, you tend to spend a lot more time on road or at picnic spots than normal. Carry your snacks along for healthy munching when hunger strikes. Pack some fruits and nuts into your to-go bag and make a smart move for your waistline and wallet.

3. Dine on time:

Stick to your eating schedule to avoid excessive hunger pangs and cravings. When you don't eat on time, your body undergoes stress, spiking your insulin level. Have small meals every 3-4 hours so you don't feel hungry. This also helps to keep your metabolism revved up for when you need it most.

4. Carry an elixir:

Dehydration will get you tired and exhausted, which increases your appetite so drink up (beer and cocktails don't count!). Carrying that bottle will stop you from gorging unnecessarily or missing out on any adventurous plan. Ensure you drink clean, distilled water to avoid catching any water-borne diseases on your trip.

5. Let it burn:

If you exercise everyday, don't let the holiday throw you off your routine. Don't sit around or ride the cab all day long. Try walking instead to places, go for a jog around the block, take a hike, toss a Frisbee, or just swim! The point is to stay active throughout.

It's easy to get off track when you're taking a nice long break. But we all know you wouldn't want to regret those extra kilos when you get back. So follow these quick tips and stay on the healthy side. After all, just because you are on vacation, doesn't mean your diet should be.