Accept it that no two kids of the same mother have identical tastes and habits, not even Identical Twins.

1) Respect their Individuality.

If first borne has a sweet tooth, next born may like salt and spices. Do not force feed by making comparisons within the home. Outside world is vast enough to offer competition!

2) No kid likes green vegetables, especially if forced upon as a medicine to build blood.

Make a dough and kneed chapatis/puris/paranthas or in a rice pulao using seasonal green vegetables

3) Carrots are another healthy food. Use it as above as mentioned in number 2

Grate carrots/radishes/cauliflower/cabbage/other seasonal vegetables and mix with dough in equal amounts. Pink paranthas or green ones or coloured paranthas? Let the kids decide and wait for their opinion. Remember sharing is caring. Share the taste through healthy eating and involve kids in deciding about what needs to be cooked. Maybe kids make us eat Healthily

4) Kids do not like pulses. 

Cook pulses for sure. Add tomato puree which is made at home, to the cooked pulses in the ratio of 1:1. Now with ghee or butter added to the cooked pulses, kids may like to eat along with rice+ curd /chapatis.

5) Did the kid run away from raw amlas (Indian gooseberry)?

  • It is a rich source of Vitamin C
  • De-seed Amla (100 gms) 
  • Add equal amounts of fresh mint leaves + fresh coriander leaves
  • Add chaat masala but make sure that it is not too sour
  • Use a mixer and make chutney

This 300 gms (approximately) can be kept in a fridge and used as a:

a) Bread spread along with Jam/Honey.

b) Along with Roti-Daal-Subji.

c) With rice and curd.

d) As a garnish for salads.

e) With puffed rice to munch (healthy) while watching TV in place of Popcorns (unhealthy).

There are lots of permutations and combinations right within our kitchens.

We have to make sure that we eat healthy so that habits are inculcated during childhood and healthy eating habits stay for life as a Modified Lifestyle.

Be firm about NOT giving Junk Food.