1) ALLOW  THEM TO  PICK  THEIR CHOICE: Do not control each and every decision or choice they have  to make. Remember they will grow only if you let them fall. This will make the children feel that you respect them and trust them and it will make them responsible.

2) BE CONSISTENT: Children need to learn that actions have consequences. For Eg. If there is negative behaviour, they will lose a privilege. Don’t be lenient when it is time to face the outcome of their behaviour. 

3) EMPATHIZE  AND UNDERSTAND: To build an effective rapport with your child you need to understand them from their perspective. Literally speaking, placing yourself in their shoes. The knowledge of their world will help you comprehend what emotion or feeling they are going through.

4)MAKE  THEM INDEPENDENT: Allowing them age-appropriate freedom can help them feel like they have some space from parents and they will grow as individuals with a healthy self-esteem. 

5) DON’T JUDGE YOURSELF: It is natural to blame ourselves when a child is behaving inappropriately; we are quick to say,‘I’m a bad parent’ or ‘I have a difficult child’ stop wondering! 'What will others think of me or my child?’ Trust me, no one really remembers; at the end of the day, it is you and your child.            

REACH OUT: Each individual is different and there is no ‘ideal‘ or perfect ‘ parent’ or ‘child‘. If you find yourself struggling contact an expert psychologist to sail through it more effectively.