5 tips to Post-natal care

There is a reason why maternity leave is mandated, it is not a vacation! It is the time required to care for the new born infant and the much needed time for the body to heal.

A woman’s body goes through a massive change during pregnancy and childbirth. It will take a while to return to normal while a young mother is still learning to care for the new-born. The most common problems women face post child birth include knee pain, back pain, neck and arm pain.

Knee pain constitutes for more than 50% of the common issues that women complain about. Knee pain is common due to the postures in which the mother sits and stands while carrying the little one.

Constant and frequent bending while caring for the infant cause a lot of strain on the inner part of the knee and cause inflammation around the area: patellofemoral pain i.e. pain around the knee cap and thigh bone. It may also lead to catching, popping, or grinding sensation while walking or when moving the knee.

Neck pain occurs due to lifting the infant. Improper methods of lifting and carrying the infant is also a great concern and cause for neck pains post pregnancy. The sudden increase in load on the arms that are not accustomed to carrying the infant puts a strain on the shoulders and neck region.

Low back pain starts with forward bending. The sudden increase in load on the back also happens due to weaker muscle groups. Post pregnancy a vacuum is created in the uterine region and an abnormal imbalanceis created in the muscle structures. This added up with the weak pelvic floor muscles add up to lack of strength in the lower lumbar spine.

Taking proper care and education is extremely important in such cases. A unique approach of educating the couple reduces the intensity of such issues.

Below are a few tips for a less painful and more pleasurable motherhood:

  1. Oil massage by a trained masseur for both the mother and the infanthelps in bringing the energy back to the mother. The added advantage is theskin care.
  2. Simple and easy to digest foods with lots of fluids like soup, porridge,rice and dal (lentil) can provide the nourishment the mother needs.
  3. Rest is essential, a woman who learns to adjust her sleep timingalong with that of the infant will be much rested and have the ability to carefor the infant better.
  4. While Exercise might be the last thingon the agenda, it might be one of the best things for recovery and weight loss.However one can start light strengthening exercise after consulting the Healthcare provider.
  5. Guidance for the Physiotherapist on proper posture while carrying and nursing the infant can go along way in reducing unwanted aches and pains.