It is of utmost importance for a woman who is expecting to get pregnant, or already is, to take very good care of her body and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining a good health is vital not just for your own self but for the baby as well because whatever a mother eats and drink and the kind of lifestyle she leads affects the development of the foetus. 

If you are not yet pregnant but want to conceive then it is highly recommended that you get a Preconception care visit. It will help you take necessary steps and actions to have a safe pregnancy well before you get pregnant. Healthy foetal development is necessary for a safe birth and a healthy baby.

Here Are 5 Tips For A Healthy Foetal Development:

1. Prenatal vitamins – Prenatal vitamins are vitamins of different variety that are very essential for a safe and healthy development of foetus. A woman’s bodily requirements of certain nutrients increase during pregnancy. Nutrients such as folic acid (Folate), calcium and iron are very vital for a proper foetal growth and also for the mother’s health. It better to start taking these vitamins before getting pregnant so that your body is ready for pregnancy well in advance. However, a track of these vitamin intakes should be kept and you should consult your doctor before taking these supplements.

2. Healthy weight –You are eating for two, but adding too much weight is not very desirable as it might be very hard to lose them later. But, at the same time it must be taken care that you do not get underweight as it may cause developmental problems and a low weight-birth. Maintaining a healthy weight keeping track of it is essential for foetal development and for you as well. 

3. Lifestyle – A woman need to make necessary changes in her lifestyle before and during pregnancy. What you consume goes into your baby as well, so eating healthy is a must. Undercooked food, junk food, etc. should be avoided as much as possible. Eat fruit and vegetables, whole grains and food rich in protein such as pulses, chicken and fish. Smoking tobacco and consumption of alcohol must be avoided at all cost. They can have deteriorating effect on the development of your baby. Alcohol reaches into the foetus in same concentration as it is in your bloodstream. Also, drinking alcohol and smoking during pregnancy has been seen to be a major cause of sudden death of infant.

4. Exercise –Exercising helps in developing a healthy immune system so that you and your unborn baby stay safe from unwanted diseases. It also improves the blood circulation of the body which means that the foetus is provided with sufficient oxygen and nutrients. You can take advice from your healthcare provider regarding the kind of exercise that can be done during pregnancy.

5. Regular check-ups – Prenatal care is of highest importance throughout pregnancy. It helps in avoiding as well as taking care of any complications that may arise during pregnancy.

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