Over dentures are one of the most comfortable in the category of the dental implants. This is due to the reason that implants when combined with the dentures and then placed into the mouth will have a firm base. This will prevent the pulling out or shifting of the denture during eating, chewing or any other oral activity. 

Five key benefits

  1. Better Eating - Patients need not worry about the type of foods they are consuming after the completion of the procedures. One should note that over dentures have been very good option for people facing such kind of problems after dental implant procedures.
  2. Better Digestion - Overdentures have several benefits which have made it to stand apart in the dental implant category. The digestion ability of the individual is improved when he starts using overdentures. This is due to the improved stability of the denture in the mouth. Thus one can consume nutritious foods easily with the right nutrients thus developing a good health. 
  3. Better Stability - Overdentures stay intact in the mouth even with or without the dental implants. This leads to stimulation of the jaw bone caused by the over dentures. The overdentures slow the loss or resorption of bone jaw after the teeth is lost. This is of great advantage to the patients who have been edentulous from last few years. Most of the patients who undergo denture treatments complaint that their dentures i.e. removable partial dentures or complete dentures fall from their places in case of upper jaws and keep moving in the lower ones. One of the best alternatives of these dentures is the recommendation and use of the overdentures. It has an appreciable stability in the patient’s mouth.
  4. Convenience - Conventional dentures such as removable partial dentures, fixed dentures and complete dentures require dental adhesives so that they can be retained in exact positions in the patient’s mouth as per the features of the patient. But in case of the overdentures there is no requirement of such dental adhesives. This is one of the most important reasons because of which most of the patients prefer overdentures over the conventional ones. 
  5. Aesthetics - Overdentures are helpful as they reduce the mental pressures of the patient after the procedure. Aesthetics are one of the main concerns of any dental patient. So with the overdentures, patient is not stressed physically and psychologically. This provides the patient overall satisfaction to  after the procedure.

One should first discuss his case with the dentist. This is usually preferred in case of patients who are medically compromised or have some medical complications. In this way, special care should be taken so to keep the treatment smooth and stress free for the patient as well as the dentist. Moreover, one should see that the dentist recommends the overdenture procedure so that the patient gets all the positive things in his treatment and is satisfied by the end of the treatment. The treatment can be done as per the budget and choice of the patient so that the patient does not feel financial burden of the procedure.