1) Milk or milk products like curd, butter milk, cheese, cottage cheese.    

2) A bowl of pulses or dal.

3) A bowl of seasonal green leafy vegetables

4) Any one fruit a day (avoid papaya and pineapple).

5) A fist full of nuts like almonds walnuts pistachio.

Remember you have to increase your dietary intake BUT don't eat for 2 as per the popular belief. You are eating for a baby not an adult.

Foods you must avoid or reduce in portions:

1) Spicy food, as it will aggravate the indigestion and heart burns associated with pregnancy.

2) Fried and deep fried dishes as it will unnecessarily increase your weight without any nutritive value.

3) Til or sesame seeds as they produce contractions in uterus and act as an abortifacient.  

4) Papaya and pineapple also work in the same manner, so it is best to avoid them.