1. Variable treatment duration

NO 2 THINGS ARE THE SAME....Your treatment duration depends on so many things and most important thing is the severity of the problem. You have to keep in mind that severe problems/ malocclusion may take up even 2 or sometimes 3 years for the treatment to get over, where as simpler problems can get over as early as 8-10 months.

2. Do not break your brackets

No-one does it intentionally, perhaps the bracket breakage is the most common problem which a orthodontist comes across in his practice. A bracket breakage may lead to prolong treatment duration by 3-4 months. It also causes lot of time to re-fix a broken bracket.

3. Keep up to your appointments

Probably the second most common problem we come across in the practice. Most of the orthodontist plan your treatment based on the assumption that you will visit them every month regularly. For example if the orthodontist wants the teeth to move by 1 mm in a month and you miss appointments for 2 months the tooth would have moved more than the expected. Correcting these again delays the treatment duration.

4. Oral Hygeine Maintainence

Who doesnt love a toffee.. But having a toffee while having braces not only breaks the brackets, but makes you susceptible to tooth decay. So you will be expected to maintain a strict oral hygiene regimen and diet control. Your Orthodontist will tell u what to eat and more importantly what not to eat.

5. Retainers are meant to be for Mouth

After the successful completion of the treatment your orthodontist will advice you to wear retainers to maintain your new tooth position. Duration of the retention may vary depending on the severity of the malocclusion.  After delivery of the retainers, you will be expected to wear the retainers and visit the orthodontist once in 6 months for a review.

Keep Smiling!!!