As parents, you always want the best for your kids. And the responsibilities do not start after birth but right at the time, or in fact, before birth. One of them counts as ensuring a safe and equipped birthplace for your child.

No matter how healthy your pregnancy had been, you must always account mishaps at the last moment. By being careful, we mean you must choose your final place of delivery of your child carefully. Here are some tips to ensure the same:

1. Experienced Gynaecologist

The first and foremost point on the list isn’t something out of the way but still ignored sometimes. Do not trust just nurses and other non-professionals for your delivery. Always take an appointment with a professional and experienced Gynaecologist.

2. Accessible and approachable round the clock

Prefer 24*7 available services rather than privatised clinics with fixed timings. Labour pain can start at any time of the day or night and the last thing you need is to wait until the next day when your clinic is open. Practically, that’s not possible. So, it’s best to choose an accessible and approachable hospital available round the clock.

3. Well equipped labour room

Giving birth is indeed painful but choosing a well-equipped labour room can definitely subtract your woes significantly. It’s also recommended for a healthy delivery of your child.

4. Facility for ICU care and operation theatre in case of emergency

You might be scheduled for a normal delivery but as mentioned above, always be prepared for anything that might come along. In case of emergencies, you might need ICU care or a caesarean, so make sure your hospital has the best facilities regarding this.

5. Availability of NURSERY/NICU and newborn specialist at place of delivery

Some things can’t be predicted beforehand no matter how advanced medical sciences are today. Your child might need special nursery care after birth and transferring him/her to another hospital for specialised care can be very risky at such delicate time. Therefore, choose a delivery place where all facilities are already available.