Some persons are born happy, some become happy and some achieve happiness. However, there are some common things happy people do that ensures their happiness. These are:

  • Stay positive. Staying positive is a cultivated habit. In all circumstances, happy persons do not lose their positive perspective. They realize that tough times don’t last, that there is always sunrise after darkness. If you remember that everything is temporary, even sadness, then you’re likely to stay happy.
  • Practice gratitude. Research has shown that grateful persons are generally happier. They acknowledge the contributions of others in their lives and are grateful for it. They express gratitude by saying ‘thanks’ more often and do things for others. This enhances their connection with others and leads to a more fulfilling life experience.
  • Ask for help. We all need help sometimes or the other. Whether it’s for a project, or an emotional problem, we should not feel too shy, or too proud, to ask for help. Asking for help opens up new avenues. And most of all, it helps us stay humble – humility being a most likable trait.
  • Go the extra mile. Whether it’s at office, or with a friend, or a relative, do something more than expected. This will generate all-round satisfaction. The extra effort will indicate that you care for others and for your work.  And it shall reap unexpected surprises and benefits.
  • Do the unexpected. Life can become a boring routine. Break it. Do the unexpected. Go for an unplanned holiday, or a spontaneous outing. Call a long-lost friend and go for a spontaneous outing. Add zing to your life with little surprises sometimes.

Happiness can be achieved and maintained if we do these five things as a habit. Stay happy, friends!