1. Time

 Brushing the teeth a tleast two times a day is necessary to maintain good oral hygiene. Time of brushing the teeth is equally important . Some people have bad habit of chewing bristles of toothbrush while few others keep on brushing exaggeratedly while watching television . This infact destroys the core purpose of brushing the teeth.so time bound tooth brushing is necessary to remove all food particles .One minute of tooth brushing is enough to remove food deposits in mouth while three minutes of tooth brushing help in thinning the mucous of saliva 

2. Technique

There are various methods of tooth brushing like bass method ,clark method, modified bass method,rolling stroke method, fones method,stillmans method,etc . All of these methods help in achieving complete cleaning of tooth surface and removing pellicle, food deposits . Brushing gently is recommended for children so just scrubbing is enough. These techniques involve crisscross, circular, zigzag motion of toothbrush bristles which help also in repair of epithelium, prevent bleeding from gums, bad breath from mouth, cheek injury and lacerations as also prevention of demineralisation of tooth enamel 

3. Toothbrush

Using proper kind of toothbrush is needed. select toothbrush that has soft bristles to prevent injury to soft tissues in mouth.it is necessary to change toothbrush after the bristles get damaged or worn out. any kind of toothbrush can be selected say soft, medium ,hard however its use is to be taken into consideration. Power brushes and battery operated toothbrushes are available for disabled .specially designed toothbrushes are available for kids

4. Toothpaste

Dentifrices are essential to prevent friction of toothbrush and abrasion and thorough cleaning of teeth .Select good flavoured toothpaste. Fluoride toothpastes are to be used for children above six years. Using wet toothpowder is another way to brush teeth

5. Taste

Yes that is the congruent point in this discussion. One should not just have taste for palatable food but also taste for good oral hygiene. Using fragrant dentifrices will all and all add good taste to sleep too! As there wont be any halitosis or decay that will disturb the sleep. Taste for good oral hygiene will be best if one uses tooth floss or interdental toothbrushes to remove entrapped food particles from space in between two teeth.So  brushing unfailingly before retiring to bed at night will help in adding taste to vibrance of our healthy life!