Weather change is at peak and it is very important to reserve the immune system. Today, Celebrity Nutritionist Mansi Yadav connect with us for more information, i.e., how to boost your immunity against seasonal infections along with pandemic COVID-19. Here's a list of 5 superfoods she's talking about which proved right for ages and ages in improving the immune system.

1. Giloy - A universal Ayurvedic Herb which is available easily, you can also plant it in your garden. It prevents the flu and cold. It helps to fight chronic fevers.

How to take? A tbsp of giloy juice in 100 mL of water twice in a day.

2. Kiwi - Kiwi is a dense source of Vitamin C and contains numerous antioxidants which do not only enhance the immune system also support the information of antigens.

How to take? 2 Kiwis a day keeps the infections away/

3. Wheatgrass - A miraculous stuff about which very fewer people are aware. It has a high nutritional value which helps to build the immune system.

How to take? - You can have the juice once in a day or you can also incorporate it in your salads too.

4. Goji Berries - It can help potentially prevents subsequent viral infections.

How to take? - They are easily available on online shopping sites or you can buy them from the market. Add in your dessert recipes or complements best with dried fruits mix trial.

5.Ginger and Garlic- The ancient food siblings which are present in every kitchen's shelf. The natural compounds relief in flu.

How to take?- Crush garlic and take it in early morning hours. Crush garlic and take it with honey before bedtime.