Wedding planning can be a challenging field with a wide scope where you must know at least a little about everything! You are not only in charge of putting together a great event but also become so personally involved with the couple and their families that you just have to know what to advise them no matter what they need! If the wedding is your movie you don’t want your stars to look less than perfect so here’s the full lowdown on when what and how to do smile makeovers for your couples (and maybe even you!)

At a recent event at the "Taj Wedding Studio" curated by Wedding Sutra that I was the panel expert for,wedding planners were in high attendance and asked me some very relevant and interesting questions making me realise that they were probably being asked these all the time and having a few SMILE tricks up their sleeves wouldn’t hurt at all:)

1. Whitening is a must (even just a month or a week before the wedding)

For all your brides and even grooms ensure that you inform them that yellow smiles in pictures will be a regret not worth living with.They may not be planning a “White Wedding” but let their smiles not be the damper on their big day. Whitening has a variety of options that range from a simple cleaning that can brighten teeth to an actual procedure or home techniques that might create the brilliant smile we need.One visit maybe good enough or we may discover multiple ways of getting a great smile. You can advise them to look into their personal grooming and smile makeover almost as soon as you get on board since these things can need a fair amount of planning.

2. Sparkling Smiles

Tooth jewellery is a fun trend that picks up seasonally.This process involves sticking a stick on flat gemstone in a shape and colour that u choose. Contrary to popular belief there’s absolutely no drilling or damage to your teeth and what you end up with is a sparkle in your smile!

3. Contouring

Few people have misshapen teeth that don’t suit their face.You may not be able to diagnose what the problem is but the important thing is knowing when you need to refer your bride (or groom). If they have defects in size and shape giving them a less than perfect smile a simple contouring procedure may also end up working just fine. Contouring involves changing the shape and size of teeth without damaging them. For example, a petite bride with a small round face may have sharp and uneven teeth. Reshaping her teeth with softer contours will change her entire look to be extremely attractive and pleasant as the face and teeth will now be in harmony.Teeth to your surprise can even be customised by personality.

4. Veneers

Anyone with a planned and obsessive nature who wants perfection in all their events will also seek the same perfection in their looks. So recommend a dental visit for veneers to your bridezillas. Veneers are thin facings just like cosmetic lenses they cover the teeth 180 degrees in the front to give a perfect shape size and colour. They can be made in a variety of materials without harming your teeth and also last longer. They must be customised over 2-3 sessions and can be tried on before applying so your couple knows what they’re signing up for.

5. Alignment 

If your bride or groom have visibly badly aligned teeth it must be your priority to get the message across so they don’t regret changing it. It’s essential you be the bad guy but get what’s needed because you hold that critical advisory role. A great technology that not many people know of is invisible aligners. Most people assume aligning or straightening teeth involves wearing ugly metal braces! 4-12 months before the wedding we can achieve corrections in Teeth position with Invisible Removable Braces called Invisalign. If you’re the reason they can smile straight and bright something they will bless you for throughout life. 

So here we are dedicating this blog to the wedding planners out there who do a great job putting together a dream occasion!