When our immunity is great, our body can adapt better to the changing weather conditions and external factors. However, due to reasons like unhealthy lifestyles, food choices, stress etc. our immune system weakens resulting in frequent illness, headaches, allergies, infections etc. We need to keep our immune system absolutely functional so that our body is capable of fighting anything that comes its way. Here are some common ingredients that can be included regularly in our intake that can boost our immunity and can protect us from various diseases and infections. 

1. Ginger:

Ginger contains natural antihistamine properties thereby protecting one from allergies and is a natural decongestant helping one to ward off cold and cough. Ginger is highly protective in nature and can also keep our digestive system free from any infections. Its a natural immunity booster.

Dosage: Include a cup of ginger infused water or herbal tea everyday can keep your immune system active. 

2. Garlic:

Many research indicates that regular consumption of garlic can boost the immune cell function. Garlic also helps in reducing production of stress hormones resulting in high cell performance by keeping them alert and active. Garlic contains antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties thereby being a single ingredient that can fight multiple infections. The sulfur compounds in garlic are believed to enhance zinc absorption which is also a great immunity booster. 

Dosage: Include 4-5 pods of garlic slightly sauteed in olive oil and include this along with your meals. 

3. Honey:

Pure honey is a natural immunity booster and provides many other health benefits too . Honey also contains polyphenol and flavonoid compounds which are powerful antioxidants, prevents cell damage and protects one from lifestyle disorders and even cancer. It protects one from allergies and contains healing properties thereby making the cells more active and healthy.

Dosage:Take 1 teaspoon of raw honey every morning to keep our digestive system healthy and boost our immunity. 

4. Turmeric:

Turmeric contains curcumin compounds which which helps to fight any inflammation. They are extremely powerful and can ward off or prevent aggravation of any kind of infections such as common cold, joint pains, skin infections, arthritis, cancer etc. Just a little bit of it each day, can act as a great immunity booster. 

Dosage: Mix 1/2 tsp of organic turmeric with warm water and consume every day just before bedtime.

5. Curd:

Curd is a natural probiotic that aids in enhancing the gut flora/microbes thereby strengthening our immune system. Curd, when consumed at room temperature, is extremely beneficial and maintains a healthy digestive system. With the inclusion of healthy bacteria, our immune system gets much more active and protective. 

Dosage: Include 2 cups of curd every day can add a good dose of healthy bacteria that can fight disease-causing organisms. 

These natural immunity boosters are easily available in our kitchen shelves and are definitely easy to include every day as a part of our intake. Every ingredient that nature provides is bestowed with multiple health benefits and it's up to us to be aware and make use of it. 

Let's keep our immune system strong and fight out every attack that comes our way!

Note: If you have a medical condition, then your dosage may differ and hence it is better to talk to your physician/dietitian.