Braces are devices used in orthodontics that straighten the teeth and help arrange them to let the person bite easily. They also help fix gaps. Braces put constant pressure on the teeth which, over time, move them into the desired positions. There are numerous braces available in the market such as traditional metal wired, lingual braces, titanium braces, etc. 

Let’s see why braces are necessary:

1] Improve eating: Some patients come across various nutritional issues because they are not able to bite food properly. They also experience oral pain because their teeth are not aligned appropriately and this may lead to numerous gum diseases. Therefore, another fundamental benefit of having braces is to improve the biting and chewing.

2] Overcrowding: Overcrowding in teeth may lead to oral uneasiness. The issue may also cause the patient to stammer. Braces abolish all these problems as the orthodontist can help to install them perfectly thus getting rid of overcrowding. Wearing the right braces is important as overcrowding issues vary in each person.

3] Correcting crooked teeth: Braces are also imperative for patients who have crooked teeth. This problem may also lead to tooth decay as food particles can build up in between the teeth. It also leads to the accretion of bacteria which negatively affects the patient’s wellbeing. To eradicate the condition of crooked teeth, patients need to consult the orthodontist and get the braces fit in their mouth. This will help the patients live a more comfortable life and will reduce the risk of acquiring oral illness.

4] To correct jaw deformity: Misaligned jaws can also decrease an individual’s self-confidence. But that is not the case anymore as braces can now align the jaws proficiently. Initially, the process was not only painful but also caused discomfort to the patients. Currently, high-quality braces are available that can reduce the pain as well as discomfort.


5] Closing gaps between the teeth: Braces help to reduce the gaps between the teeth that may be dangerous. This is because they may cause food to get stuck between the teeth, thus causing the accumulation of bacteria. If the treatment is not taken, it may cause tooth decay or loss of teeth.