The lifestyle of the contemporary populace has changed drastically over the years. Though it certainly has its own benefits, it doesn’t come without a price paid. The current lifestyle of most urban families invites problems which were rarely seen in earlier days. One of them is the stunted growth of children.

You take care of your child’s every need and still cannot get results. Why is it so? We got in touch with our in-house paediatrician Dr Neha Bansal and she tells us about the 5 most common reasons why your child might be lacking behind from his peers in terms of growth:

  1. Heavy Bags: It’s a common problem these days. Most of the parents are aware but still take no concrete action against it. As parents, we must take a step and ask the school authorities to do something about it. If there’s no possibility, consider getting your children trolley school bags instead of bag packs.
  2. Falls ill frequently: If your child’s immunity is weak and he/she falls ill frequently, it might be the reason that they aren’t growing. The energy derived from food is all vested in fighting with the diseases. If it is so, you must consult an expert paediatrician to find a solution which works in the long run.
  3. Poor Diet: The growth of your child significantly depends on her diet. If she isn’t taking the proper nutrients required for growth, no matter how much she eats, there will be a hindrance to growth. Consult your doctor and follow a diet chart for your child if that’s the case.  
  4. Genetics: Yes, it can be genetic as well. If parents or other close relatives are short in height then your child can also suffer from the same. Though it has very few chances of being treated, a little difference can be made by professional medical help.
  5. Inactivity: Inactivity can lead to lethargy and stunted growth. Children in their growing years are supposed to involve in physical activities and sports. If your child spends most of their time on the couch, you need to work on it.

It is important to take care of these things. Once the growing years are passed, you won’t be able to do anything except regret. So, ensure your child is going as per normal milestones. If not, consult a doctor at the earliest.