Oral health is important and is the key indicator for the overall health but we often take it for granted. Early detection and diagnosis of oral problems may prevent us from arising further dental problems. It is recommended to visit a dentist every 6 months for a regular oral health check up. 

When choosing a dentist and a dental clinic the value for money and the quality of result achieved plays an important role. Then, how do you choose. Note that, there is a drastic difference between a dental expert and a dentist. Our teeth are individuals like us and it requires a skilled and experienced expert. Choose the right expert wisely to be able to smile more. 

Following are few preventive treatments which can results in cost saving while maintaining good oral health.

1. Regular dental screening 

Regular dental visit will help us prevent dental problems before they cause severe damage to the tooth and surrounding structures as most of the dental problems are painless initially. It is recommended to visit a dentist every 6 months for dental health check up.

 2. Avoid caries 

Maintaining proper oral hygiene and caring of the tooth to keep them healthy by brushing regularly along with mouthwash for better protection will help in avoiding dental caries. It is also caused due to less water intake as water cleanses the mouth and keep bacteria away. Drink minimal 8 glasses of water daily for proper hydration.

3. Early introduction

Introduce brushing habit to your child as soon as the first tooth erupts. Visit a dentist when the child reaches about 1 year of age to maintain proper oral health of the child and to prevent from early childhood caries.

4. Gums problems 

Maintaining proper oral hygiene and a balanced diet plays an important role to keep the gums healthy. Food containing sugars and carbohydrates produces dental plaque while food low in calcium increases the chance of developing gum related problems. By maintaining a balanced diet, proper oral care and visiting a dentist regularly for oral prophylaxis will help in preventing gum related problems.    

5. Replacement of missing teeth

Missing teeth may affect speech, chewing or eating and sometime lowers one’s confidence. It may also results in further tooth loss due to bone loss from surrounding area from lack of use. So, early replacement of tooth is one of the best preventive cost effective treatment. There are various procedure for replacement of teeth but in today’s world where aesthetics are concern, dental implant is so far the best choice.