It’s that time of the year again. Yes, you know from the title of the article, that it is time to make (and hopefully keep) some new year resolutions. 

You know the drill by now - lose weight, eat healthy, sleep early, and go to the gym every day - all from January 1st! 

This time, the coming new year has even more significance. There is hope in the air that when 2022 arrives and 2021 is left behind, all the chaos, stress, loss, and negative energy of this year can be left behind too. 

So it is only fair to say and hope - “New year, new you”, right? If only it were that easy! This time, instead of aiming big and going for a complete overhaul, let’s look at some doable new year resolutions you can keep! 

1. Move more. Instead of a resolution about losing weight, make a resolution to incorporate more movement and activity in your daily routine. 

Choose a physical activity that you enjoy, be it walking, running, dancing, or Zumba. 

You are more likely to be consistent with an activity that gives you joy. Focus on how the activity makes you feel. Any weight loss that occurs in the process is a bonus. 

2. Make your well-being a priority. The last couple of years have been a lesson in the importance of good health. 

Make your overall health your prerogative. Eat more fresh and whole foods, get enough sleep and make time for an annual health checkup. 

Focus on your mental health too. Spend time with your loved ones, try meditation or journaling, and do not shy away from seeking professional help if things get overwhelming. 

3. Choose more real-time and less screen time. Agreed that life outside of a screen has become even more difficult in the last couple of years. So do not give up the screen, but get some screen-free time every day. 

Have more in-person conversations with your family and friends. Spend more time outdoors, get some vitamin D, and let the fresh air invigorate you. Or, you could read a book (a printed hardbound one!).

4. Loosen the hold of an unhealthy habit on you. The mere change of a year on the calendar will not magically give you a change of heart overnight. So, if you have a habit you are not proud of, do not expect to give it all up, come January 1st. 

What you could do is to take small steps to distance yourself from the habit. Reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke every day, cut back on alcohol if that is on your list, or stop yourself from ordering in food every night and fix a quick, healthy meal at home. 

5. Be kind to yourself. Everyone in this world has been through a hard time since the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Even then, you may find that you are berating yourself for tasks left unaccomplished, for mistakes, or for not doing enough with your day.

Give yourself permission to pause, to fail, to learn. Extend the same courtesy of kindness and compassion to yourself, that you would to a good friend. 

Take out some “me-time” every day. Take care of yourself first, only then can you take care of others.

Try a few of these resolutions, and remember that small steps can make a huge difference.


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