Now, for a really long time, the public has believed that Botox and aesthetic services are harmful and a fake way to look youthful. Breaking the first myth, it is not! With the changing lifestyle and approach to wellness and beauty - more people are being drawn to lock their youth. Good dermatologists and skin clinics play a major role in helping the masses choose wisely. Miraculous results of Botox are real and need to be shown in a positive light. Breaking some myths that the public believe:

1. It is Dangerous

Millions of successful patients have been treated since it was first introduced. With a long history like that, the treatment has proven to be safe and legit. In fact, some medical treatments concerning health issues use Botox as a form of treatment such as migraines, excessive underarm sweating etc.

2. It's only for Women

This treatment has a huge demand in the male patients too. Believing that Botox can only help women is a misconception. A huge number of the male population is attracted to the procedure and swear by their good looks to Botox.

3. Face cream works just like Botox

A popular marketing strategy "just like Botox" or "better than Botox" for face creams is taking over the market, which in fact is untrue. Although it might tempt many as opposed to getting the injections, it is essential to understand for the right results - Botox is the only way to go.

4. It doesn't look natural

Any procedure if done correctly, does not give bad results. Many skin clinics offer it but choosing the right one is necessary. A qualified dermatologist with a verified profile is essential, thorough research of the clinic is also advisable. Botox yields results that locks the wrinkle growth - the sooner you get it done the better!

5. It is Addictive

It is believed that Botox becomes a habit and an addiction to the users - which is untrue. No drugs are used in the injections, but the addiction of freezing the youth could become a habit. This could be kept in check with a responsible and assured practitioner - to avoid excess of the treatment.

The right skin clinic with qualified dermatologists can work wonders on your skin and make you look radiant. It's time to break these myths and believe in skin science!