Summer is upon us, and most of us seem to be struggling in our daily lives due to the soaring heat. In order to stay rejuvenated and fresh through this season, there are several lifestyle habits which need your attention. Win the battle against the sweltering sun and stay fresh all summer long with these 5 simple lifestyle habits-

  • Do you shower?

You probably do, but are you showering right for the summer? Ideally, you should start by turning up the heat for a couple of minutes. You should do this because hot water cleans your body more efficiently. When you are almost done, turn the water setting to cold or lukewarm and relax to cool down your body temperature.

  • Pack in some moisture

Keep your body butter away, because there is something new in store for you. Dabbing small portions of baby oil all over your body can help you reduce the sweat. But if you are someone who prefers lotion then you should at least stick with something fresh which is citrus or floral based.

  • Keep the drinks coming

Throughout your day, you must continuously sip on drinks to stay hydrated, be it fruit juice or plain water. This will ensure that your skin stays supple and youthful. Drinking up will also regulate body temperature and help you stay cool. Carry a water bottle with you, everywhere you go and stop waiting till you are thirsty to drink.

  • Bolt at the sight of heavy meals

Gluttony is a sin, but only during summer. Eating too much can heavily tax on your digestive system and might even cause a facial outburst. Make up will not be able to proof craters of that intensity. Salads, soups, juices, fruits, and lean meat cuts are a few summer food options that you should switch to.

  • Love your bed

The heat is probably wearing you out, so get home and get a good night's sleep. Although studies have shown that sleeping is more difficult during summer than any other season, it is an essential habit in order to stay active and fresh. So throw on a thin sheet, switch on the fan, and rest your system.

You no longer have to spend your days as a fellow sweltering human, trying helplessly to avoid the summer sun. Don't let the heat stop you from feeling fresh anymore. Go ahead and try these tips. I guarantee that you will feel several degrees cooler with your new lifestyle changes.