Heart surgery here in this write up is being identified with correction of multiple blocks, which have led to a heart attack due to poor supply of blood to the tissue of heart, leading to malfunctioning and damage, Heart Attack.

Technique is advanced and so is the skill of the doctor.

Mortality rate is less than 1% ,if surgery is carried out by best and reputed team of doctors.

May be surgery works like a Shock treatment too for a person who has given up on life or is a victim of his own malfunctioning Lifestyle Disorders.

This person has come back home with a renewed heart with fresh set of blood vessels added as grafts on heart to improve the blood supply of heart which has got a rich network of blood vessels & many of natural vessels have not opened to function yet ( collateral blood vessels ).

The Surgeon sends the person home with a list to follow-

1) The sternum bone has been cut neatly to reach the damaged heart.

Is this not as bad as a fracture?

Any fracture takes a minimum of 6 weeks to heal.

The wound on skin heals in 10 days but internal healing of bone and other tissues takes time to heal.

Stay away from people who feel that heart surgery is a routine surgery and every home has at least one heart patient & What is the big deal?

Be it an operative delivery which Has become Routine too or a heart surgery,accept it that Internal Wounds require 6 weeks to heal despite best medicines.

2) Eat light but nourishing food which are high in proteins but soft e g toned milk, curds, boiled eggs /poached/scrambled ,clear chicken soups ( vegetarians can replace with Chickpea, chane  soup, lentils soups. Carbs of choice-daal-roti-chawal-subji.

Light nourishment which causes No Distention & everyone knows about their powers of digestion.

One should not be rigid about diet charts.

A spoon of good fat like desi ghee/butter + katori of assorted nuts does raise the levels of good cholesterol. Good cholesterol helps Tissue healing.

Seasonal vegetables and fruits to get natural vitamins and minerals.

Reduce Sodium through salt & packaged foods to bare minimum & take more Potassium through Citrus Fruits like Lemons, Oranges, Amla (Indian Gooseberry) Guava.

3) Exercise - light walks to start with. Gradually increase to hobbies like gardening because it helps the mind ward off the trauma of surgery.

Outdoors activities should not be undertaken before 2 months because most of the cities have high levels of pollution, traffic jams etc.

4) Do continue to work from home after a month.

This is applicable specially to the practicing doctors and teachers and everyone who is fond of work.

Interacting with people on a professional level does help .

5) Do not forget that it is a new life with a Renewed Heart and one has to treat it well on a personal level.

No doctor has to remind again and again about-

No Smoking, No bad Fats, No stress and anxiety related issues,No Negativity, keeping sugar & fats levels under control, eating right and working according to the best of capabilities with a Never Say Die Spirit!