Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder characterized by decreased ability or complete inability of the tissue to utilize carbohydrates.

It is the most common disorder in India urbanization and changing dietary habits have raised the prevalence rate.

Here are 5 important dietary tips to prevent diabetes:

  1. KEEP YOUR WEIGHT IN CHECK: Dietary restriction and weight reduction show good results. It is important that you should take a balanced and nutritious diet depending on your activity, gender and age. This will prevent you from being over weight and hence less risk of diabetes. Achieve and maintain ideal body weight.
  2. AVOID JUNK FOOD: Junk food is less in nutrients and on the other hand full of bad fat and salt. This increases the risk of obesity as well as diabetes.
  3. AVOID PROCESSED FOOD: Avoid processed foods as they are low in nutrients specially fiber. Due to invention of food technology various tinned and bottled foods are available in the market for our convenience but one should read the labels carefully before buying these products as they contain various forms of sugar and preservatives which are not good for health.
  4. SUGAR: A high  intake of sugar has been related to obesity and hence risk for having diabetes. A high amount of sugar is present in colas, bottled juices, packaged beverages. One should be careful while consuming them as now a days these things have become a part of daily inventory list in our household.
  5. FATS: Not only the amount of fat but also the composition of fat is important in in our diet. Avoid fried foods to cut down the consumption of fat and also keep a check of saturated fats like desi ghee and vanaspati. Trans fats or hydrogenated fats present in various cookies,cakes and packaged food are more dangerous. one should keep a check on that.