A healthy home is every home maker’s constant goal. But while we take care of the major things, it is the minor things that cause most of the illnesses. Therefore, it is important to take care of these comparatively minor but vital things, to ensure that our family is safe from infections and seasonal illnesses.

Our doctors at Bansal Global Hospital share some of the tips they follow at their own homes:

Separate Towels

Keep your towels separate. Using the same towel do not breed love, but infections. While wiping our bodies, it touches all the body parts and some of them might carry germs that shouldn’t be carried to the other person. So, always keep individual towels for everyone, especially for the kids at home, says Dr Neha Bansal, our in-house child specialist.

Liquid Hand washes instead of Common Soap

A common soap in the wash basin is home to every germ that has ever touched anyone’s palms in the family. The soap is not washed after every use and it might contain germs. So, the best way out is to used liquid hand washes, preferably the anti-bacterial ones.

Disinfecting of toilets

Just normal cleaning isn’t sufficient. While your toilet might seem to be clean it is a storehouse of germs. Use disinfecting liquids at least two times a week. Also clean the taps, hand-showers, and other equipment present in your bathroom/toilet.

Wash clothes of the sick person with antiseptic liquid

If anyone at your home is suffering from any kind of infections, wash their clothes separately and dip them in a bucket of water with antiseptic liquid, suggests our physicians at Bansal Global Hospital.

Wipe kitchen utensils

If you use a utensil cleaning bar, you must have noticed soap residue on utensils. Wipe them with a clean cloth before using. Another alternative is to use liquid soaps that do not leave any residue which can be harmful to the body.

Some of the above-mentioned things are very basic yet can cause big damage to health if ignored. If anyone in your family is sick, it is important to consult a doctor because not only are they at risk of getting worse but other family members can get the infection too.