The dreaded ‘C’ word can attack in many ways, but did you know that your body too has its ways to prevent and fight cancer? Follow these five simple dietary changes to build up immunity, resistance, and longevity.

Wholesome Grains:

By choosing whole grain and bran over white flour, you'll be making a small change with a big benefit.. The high fiber content will cleanse the system and keep your insides fighting fit. High fiber diet is especially good to prevent bowel cancer.

Fit and Fruity:

A bowl full of fruits, like apples and pears with their skin on, add to your fiber intake. Most fruits contain phytochemicals and antioxidants that are cell-friendly. These help in repair of the cell that are damaged and thus help in reducing cancer risk. Tomatoes are rich is a chemical called lycopene which can fight prostate and other cancers.

Healthy Veggies:

Vegetables are generally rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Carrots and spinach are rich in carotenoids which remove toxic chemicals called free radicles. Broccoli is a particularly heroic one, full of protective enzymes. Not only does it detoxify against dangerous elements, it also fights bad bacteria. Just don't overcook and kill the nutrients!

Beat the Meat:

Regular intake of red meat is an absolute no-no. They're full of fat and very heavy to digest. Red meat can increase risk of large bowel cancer. White meats like chicken and turkey are the smarter choices. Better still, go fish!

Oils to go with:

The lower the fat content the better, so go for olive or canola oil rather than normal vegetable or sunflower oil. Limit deep fried food or cut it out completely if you can. Weight matters a lot. Watch your weight and maintain it in healthy range.

An overall healthy diet will keep you a few steps ahead of cancer. Eating right will reduce the risk of many other diseases and ailments too. It’s worth developing a taste for the right foods; they could save your life.