It really is an amazing world; you need an open mind & eyes to see it! For those who are making an effort to read this article, let me congratulate them as 85% of our learning is dependent on our vision. So about time we stopped taking things for granted. Let me start with some simple tips·      

1. BLINK MORE- Sounds crazy, but many of us on computers (even the ones reading) are in a habit of blinking partially & infrequently. This leads to unstable tear film, which is carrying the nutrients for our avascular cornea, hence bleary red tired eyes. Blink about 16times/minute - count or autosuggest, the choice is yours, the world will not be over in a blink!! So relax and blink (use lubricants if you feel dry, even an eyewash will do)·     

2. FOOD- Most all of us love it, (the ones who are on diet love it more). We all are really busy, running out of time, lots of jobs piled up, single handedly saving the world - so a skip of meal, a handy burger, pasta, pizza, fries, noodles, anything fast & available has become a part of our lifestyle. Health supplements’ like vitamins, antioxidants, omega, proteins, and nutrients will make up for the deficiency & cover-up our inefficiency and self neglect. But does it really? Think for a moment you know the answer! Keep 30 minutes of your life to pamper yourself with one good healthy leafy fresh meal which is less of oil, salt & sugar and is more of life!!        


3. MAKEUP- Half the world loves it and other half admires it! Eyes hold the throne…big innocent eyes, brown/blue eyes, smoldering eyes, smoky eyes, twinkling stars …list is never ending. The extent people go to achieve that look has more risks than the stock market. Nevertheless we all take it… A well calculated risk leads to success, but for others downfall follows. So apply the best & smallest pack (so that it can be changed every 2-3 months). Eye makeup which stays on the outside (make sure you don’t have the allergic skin type). Anything inside the eye is a strict no…even the branded or desi kajal, kohl, surma. Remember to take off the makeup & stop if you notice any signs of redness, puffiness or irritation.        

4. CONTACT LENS – Lenses are great whether it is for number correction, corneal disease or cosmetic makeovers. Getting a right fit, proper number, correct lens material & learning how to wear them is an essential requirement (not a trivial issue). Most lens problems originate from improper & inadequate knowledge. They do cut off the oxygen supply by 80%, so give some breathing time to your lovely cornea! Wear glasses for a change (add a dash of color to your life with the colorful ones if you like), don’t over wear your lenses (avoid more than 10 hrs). Don’t sleep with your lenses in your eyes. Contact lenses can give most dreadful infections, which will be neither liked by you nor by your eye specialist. After years of lenses use all of us feel like the specialist, and get a little careless about the hygiene regime .Don't save money by over using your lenses, save your eyes! This is always better in the long run.      

5. ROUTINE EYE CHECK-UP- How many of us go for a routine eye check-up on our own? School check-up, employment forms & optical shops are a good screening but they do not suffice. The details of your health that your eye specialist can learn & give through an eye check-up is stunning, besides correcting your refractive errors & eye diseases. Eyes are a reflection of your mind, soul & body not only in spiritual but also in physical sense. Why fear an eye specialist, the most harmless of all with some lights up their sleeves, so about time you saw one & told him/her what has been bothering your eye!