Everyone needs exercise. Some of us do it, some of us plan to, and some of us don’t plan to. But if you do exercise or plan to, then these 5 exercises are a must on your workout plan. 1. Plank: Yes, it’s that simple. You just need to hold yourself in that ‘plank’ position. The goal is to keep your body straight like a plank. The longer you hold the more challenging it gets. But it’s not as simple as it looks. It takes the majority of the muscles in your body, from your core, legs, shoulders and others to help you stay in that position. As you build your ability to hold the plank position, target to hold it for longer durations.

Good For: Abs and a strong core 2. Squat: Another basic movement for the body, the mighty squat is a classic exercise that engages the largest muscles in your body, your quadriceps & glutes (that makes up your legs). Most people can perform at least 1 squat.Target to do 3 sets of 10 repetitions. If that’s too hard, build your stamina to do them. If it’s too easy, add some weight, with dumbbells and barbells, or try the elusive one-legged squat (Be forewarned that the one-leg squat is a really advanced exercise, and requires not just strength but practise to perform correctly)
Good for: Legs 3. Push Up: Another classic strength exercise. From newbies to black belt commandos, everyone does this exercise. It’s a great exercise for the muscles on your chest, shoulders and arms. If you do it right, you’ll even use your abs for this exercise.Pushups are synonymous with men. But women should do this too. It’s a great workout.Both men and women should do this. If you cannot correctly perform even one, then try the knee push up
Good for: Chest, Arms and Shoulders 4. Lunge: Considering how much we sit today, the lunge is one of the primary exercises that everyone must do. Let’s show you why. Why we sit, we typically disengage the gluten muscles (that give shape to your bum). Most of us sit at home, in office or during our commute. And those three activities make up the most of our day. When we disengage these muscles, they become weak and small. This gives rise to the ‘flat bum’ syndrome, and is also associated with metabolic & lifestyle disorders. To fix this, you need to perform the Lunge. It’s as simple as taking a deep big step.You can do this at home, in the gym with weights, or even do jumping lunges to make it a cardio workout
Good for: Your glutes (bum muscles) 5. Pull-Up: The pull-up is a slightly advanced exercise. It requires strength and technique, but it’s a brilliant exercise to burn calories & improve upper body muscle & rev up your metabolic rate. Oh, and to get a great v-shaped body. Again women, do not worry. You’re not going to get a massive v-shape from doing pull-ups. If anything, it will help you ‘shape’ up more.Being able to lift your own bodyweight is a primary fitness test, and if you’re looking to get fit, you must be challenge yourself to do at least 1 pull-up with proper form
 Good for: Back & Arms Realistically there are thousands of exercises out there, so to say that these are the 5 best exercises out there is inaccurate. And even these 5 exercises have tonnes of variations.But what we’re saying is that these 5 movements and the resulting stress on your musculature is key.The idea is that if you’re covering these 5 exercises somewhere in your routine, then you’re better off, than if you’re not.And if you’re not exercising, please start!