As the pre boards are round the corner, there is a wave of fear that lurks around students, often under pressure to outshine at their exams. Pre-boards are early predictors of a child’s performance in boards which defines their career and future. This exam is specially developed to prepare students for the final board exam. Therefore it is very important for you to give significance to pre boards. 

1. Work smarter not harder

Many a times  working smart assure you better and faster results than working hard. Quit the age old method of ‘mug up and vomit’, it will only exhaust your memory with very little learning. Start using suitable study techniques which will make it easier for you to comprehend. Each of us are different, therefore there are diverse techniques suitable  for different people. Implement study techniques such as the visual approach, the buddy system, method of loci, verbal encoding, note making and so on. Once you discover your learning style, excelling at studies will become a cake walk. You can also study online to acquire a larger pool of information on a particular subjects. Watching videos on youtube on a study topic can make learning faster. 

2. Plan and strategize a schedule 

Plan a realistic timetable 2 months prior to your exam. Divide the study material according to your convenience and the subject of your choice. This will help you defeat procrastination. Planning a time table can also reduce your confusion and it will also give ample time for preparation and revision. Our goal is to pass the pre boards with flying colors, hence, a day to day planned studying will help us reach our destination.

3. Test your knowledge

While you are studying, start solving papers simultaneously. Solving the previous question papers is  generally an excellent way of acquainting yourself with the exam design and common questions because having studied well and being exam prepared are two different things. Practicing previously asked question banks and mock tests will additionally help you prepare for the exam beforehand.

4. A healthy body builds a healthier mind

During times of such extraordinary exam pressure, keeping up a solid way of life and a nutritionist diet will enable you to keep your stress at bay, it will also help you get through all the exam papers without a hitch. Your wrong dietary decisions can make you feel unsteady and will in general slow you down. Eat dry fruits like almonds and walnuts other beneficial ‘brain foods’ to boost your cognitive abilities, alertness and memory. Also, keep a proper sleep pattern, exercise well and remind yourself to take small breaks between your study time.

5. Stay focused and believe in yourself

Make yourself understand why you are doing this. Remind yourself that these exams are significant and will determine your future. Stay focused to plan your short term goals accordingly. A lot of our environmental variables can be potential distractors to our goal. Social media, electronic devices and peer can keep you away from studying. Remember to priorities your career above these distractors. Do not panic, rather push yourself to your fullest potential.