Parenting is hard and requires a strong will. Sometimes your children will not like you, but you must accept that and recognize it is for their own good. If your children’s bad behaviours continue after working with them or it begins to escalate, something more serious might be going on. 

There are some important ways to correct your child behaviour:

  • Appreciate your child: Appreciate your children, even when they are tried. Because not everyone is correct, at least they are making an effort to make it.
  • Never underestimate or overestimate your child's ability.
  • Follow your own rules: Children see what you do and will tend to copy your actions and behaviours. If they see you neglecting to follow an expectation you made, they will assume they can disregard it as well.
  • Be proactive!: Preventing bad behaviour before it even begins is critical. Learn the patterns of your child’s behaviour so you can be prepared to take action.
  • Reward good behaviour: Children seek and need attention, and will look for it in both positive and negative ways. Providing positive reinforcement helps your child learn what they are doing well, and makes them want to repeat that good behaviour.