Do you feel the zeal of exercising is going down with the cold?

Many of us stretch ourselves for exercising even during summers, for them winter becomes a wonderful excuse which actually works well in both directions.You become physically inactive and growing in your size as well.  

The last thing you need for your body and mind is to give up on your daily workout routine during these bone-chilling winters. Although it may not seem logical to go out for a workout in early mornings and late evenings. Moreover, the days are short, there is still a lot of stuff can work indoors. 

Below are the five reasons to consider based on scientific research and my own experience of the workout:

1. Gaining winter weight: Although you may crave for fatty, fried and comfort foods this winter season. But this is the last thing your body needs. You should maintain your continuity of exercising at least 6 days a week to avoid piling pounds. This is of course in addition to following winter specific diet tips (Winter Diet Tips). Actually, you are preparing your body to remove the woollens gracefully during the spring season. You might have noticed people with bulged tummy removes sweaters in last, as they feel comfortable in hiding under woollens. So be the first to remove sweater during the spring.

2. Maintain your well being: Research has also shown that regular exercise boosts up your immune system and creates hormonal balance and keeps you away from viral infections. This is because while you are working out, your blood is pumping more than usual, oxygenating your immune system cells around your body quicker to seek out and eliminate toxins. Moreover, it makes your body more alkaline. 

3. Exercising keeps you warm and happy: This is a special effect of winter exercise that it raises your temperature and you feel less chilli in winters than usual. This natural rise in temperature is not comparable to sitting in front of room heater which takes electricity costs also. (Just Kidding). Sorry to interrupt but here one good tip is coming to mind I would like to share is in place of heaters & blowers keep a warm water bottle in your lap to make you feel cosy.Exercising during winters can also make you feel happier. A regular workout will keep the winter hues away by pumping happy hormones.  

4. Exceed your body and mind limits: This can be experienced practically when you will take out mat to stretch yourself. You even won't believe yourself that you can do it which you actually see in pictures & video. Your mind will start believing in yourself. This will boost up your confidence to achieve something new.     

5. Sunny aspect for few Housewives and retired persons can go outdoor during sun for exercising: The sun is the main source of vitamin D. Sun helps in maintaining your immune system. makes you happier and more flexible strengthens your bones and lower the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer.It is not easy to exercise alone in a room, thanks to workout videos on youtube and other sites. Else join some exercise groups or take help of an instructor.     


There's nothing better for your body than maintaining regularity in your exercise routine and following the winter diet. Hopefully, with the help of this article, you would be able to convince yourself to continue workout this winter despite the chill. You will be surprised how more fit you will become by the time springs arrives and make this quote fit on yourself: "Summer bodies are made in winters"