Constipation has been regarded as one of the most commonly found health issues owing to the modern-day lifestyle. However, the good news is that Ayurveda has numerous holistic remedies that can make your constipation disappear in a jiffy. Here's what you can do:

  • Mint Leaves in Your Diet: Mint leaves are considered to be a coolant for our digestive system that balances and activates the metabolic activity. Ayurveda often recommends a side culinary dish in your regular diet, specially made out of mint especially in summers to aid digestion.

  • Sugarcane Juice to Reboot Your Digestive System: Sugarcane juice is considered to be immensely beneficial for the digestive system as it rejuvenates the stomach and instigates our digestive appetite with its medicinal properties. It strengthens the digestive system and helps fight from chronic constipation. An add on of lemon juice or Himalayan rock salt to a glass of sugarcane juice not only adds flavor but gives your stomach a relaxing reboot therapy.

  • Avoid Fat Rich Foods: Having a diet that is loaded with saturated fats not only invites numerous diseases but also chokes your digestive capability by getting stuck in your system. We recommend you to eat healthy nuts and holistically obtained cow ghee for a healthy source of fats. Of course, the amount should always be monitored with the body's requirements.

  • Use of Triphala Churna for Chronic Constipation: Triphala is a sure-shot remedy for chronic constipation that has been tested by Ayurvedic recommendations for ages. Triphala Churna is made out of three holistic herbs that can be taken both empty stomach in the morning and after your meal shortly preceding your bedtime with a glass of warm water. Your constipation issues would get dissolved with the same.

  • Ayurvedic Formulations for Constipated Stomach: Ayurvedic scriptures recommend so many herbal remedies for constipated stomachs that not only help with constipation but also focus on rejuvenating the digestive system.