With the onset of winter many fear about health like frequent cough, cold, joint pain, migraine, constipation, dry skin, dandruff, etc. come up but actually winter is the time when body strength and digestive capacity both are maximum so by following Ayurvedic Ritucharya (seasonal routine) you can not only protect yourself from illness but it is also best time to improve your immunity to stay healthy whole year.

1. Do not fast or eat less during winter. As digestive fire is strong if you do not eat properly this fire in absence of fuel start harming body tissues. Sweet, sour and salty food is recommended avoid bitter, astringent and pungent taste food.

2. Regular oil massage on body then take a warm water bath, this habit prevents skin from getting dry due to extreme cold weather. Apply oil on head before head bath. Use ghee on extremely dry or on cracked skin as ghee is best moisturiser. Nasal drops and oil pulling are recommended. 

3. Exercise - as physical strength is maximum during winter it is best time to do exercise in full capacity in between 6 am to 10 am. 

4. Uptan or lepa- use uptan after oil massage it cleanse, nourish and moisturise skin. 

5. Rasayana- winter is the time to take Ayurvedic health tonic like chyawanprash, agastya rasayana, amalki rasayana, brahma rasayana etc.