1. Do not experiment too much during this time, including new and complex food items because this could result in digestive issues such as stomach upset, gas, vomiting, and loose motion. One should try to stick to a plan of eating to which one is used to and follow a regular and healthy routine.

2. Be mindful of the intake of sugar and salt during this pandemic and limit your alcohol consumption.

3. Do not self medicate and do not follow any advice/ home remedies which are not verified by a medical doctor.

4. It is important to stay occupied to keep negative thoughts at bay. This becomes even more important if you are not involved in a job that can be done from home. Revisit an old hobby/get into art or music or try to learn something new online. Do not indulge in too much of screen time.

5. Do sleep well. With all the stress associated with the pandemic, your body and mind need rest. Sleep is a natural way of getting that daily rest. Ensure you sleep well for seven to eight hours during these tough times so that you are fresh and active to deal with the challenges that lie ahead. A pattern of restful sleep is important for your immune system to function properly.